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About us is a site for anglers, hunters, and other people engaged into outdoor life activities. Our main purpose with this site is to write stories of good quality from fishing and hunting trips, and other stories from outdoor life. We also want to report tests of products, guidance and tips to fishing and hunting areas, and articles with scientific content.

We, the founders of are three adventurous men from Norway. We spend a lot of our leisure time out in the wilderness in Norway and other countries, either fishing in rivers and lakes, or hunting. As many other anglers and hunters, we want to share our adventures, experience, and knowledge with you. And, we also want to hear from you!

Hans Eilif Larsen, Editor

Hans Eilif Larsen is 31 years old. He lives in Tromsø, but is born in Kvænangen municipality in the northern part of Troms County. He is educated as a graduate engineer at NTNU in Trondheim, and works with information and communication technology. The favourite trips for Hans is canoe paddle trips trough untouched wilderness fly-fishing big sized trout and char. When the autumn draws near he is grouse hunting in some of the best hunting areas in Norway. And these areas are right outside his house!

Kjetil Thorsen, co-founder

Kjetil Thorsen is 30 years old, and lives in Asker, a county nearby Oslo. He is born in Skoppum, a small municipality nearby Horten. He is educated as a graduate engineer at NTNU, and works as consulting engineer in Statkraft Grøner Ltd. His favourite outdoor activity is fly-fishing, and during the spring season Kjetil spends a lot of time fly-fishing sea trout in the Oslo fiord. Some of his best fishing adventures the recent years have been canoe paddle trips in untouched river systems in the northern part of Sweden, but he also go on shorter fishing trips in rivers and lakes in the south-eastern parts of Norway. Kjetil is also keen on ice-fishing. In the autumn and winter Kjetil is hunting grouse, wood pigeon together with his Kleine Münsterländer.

Jan Arvid Johansen, co-founder

Jan Arvid Johansen is 32 years old, and lives in Nordreisa municipality, a picturesque place in the Northern part of Troms County. He is educated in fishery science at Norwegian College of Fishery Science at the University of Tromsø, and also has higher education in aquaculture, educational science, and project management. Today Jan Arvid is working as researcher at Fiskeriforskning, a research company in the NORUT Group Ltd. His main research area is new product development. When Jan Arvid spends time in the wilderness, he prefers fly-fishing on Arctic char and Atlantic salmon.

Jon Arne Solheim, guest writer

Jon Arne is 28 years old, lives in Kvænangen municipality, and born in the neighbour municipality Nordreisa in the Northern part of Troms County. Jon Arne is educated as schoolteacher. During his long lasting (!) vacations he spends a lot of time hunting and fly-fishing in Troms and Finnmark County. In the autumn and winter he hunts grouse together with his Vorsther.

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